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February 21, 2018
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Craig Cipolla, Associate Curator of North American Archaeology, Royal Ontario Museum

Curating Vikings: The Exhibition

This talk explores the Royal Ontario Museumís Vikings: The Exhibition from a curatorial standpoint. The talk will offer an overview of the goals, themes, and highlights of the show. Dr. Cipolla will focus specifically on the ROMís original content that explores Norse history in Canada. Finally, he will discuss recent news coverage related to Viking archaeology, including the case of the female Viking warrior from Birka, Sweden.

Vikings: The Exhibition is on now, closing April 2, 2018

February Poster

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dr. Carla Parslow, Associate, Senior Archaeologist, Golder Associates

Water Level Management on the Rainy River and Indirect Impacts to Archaeological Sites

Research on water level management practices and their impacts to archaeological sites along the Rainy River undertaken in 2015-16 completed three main tasks: collecting data on known archaeological sites on the U.S. and Canadian sides of the river; integrating the data with results of the hydrologic/hydraulic analyses of the river; and determining and documenting how previous and current water level management conditions affect the archaeological sites on the river.†† Results show that water levels prescribed by current management strategies donít directly impact the sites. However, there is observed erosion and cultural vulnerability of some sites.This erosion is the result of several factors that are indirectly influenced by water level management strategies.

March Poster

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Robert VonBitter MTCS and Chris Menary TRCA

The French Mission at Kente: Examining its Place 350 Years Later

The French mission of Kentť, founded in 1668 in what is now Prince Edward County, is the second oldest European settlement in Ontario after Sainte Marie I/II. This presentation will introduce the Kentť mission, provide its historical context and examine its significance. The location of the mission has long been forgotten, yet attempts have been made to locate it since the 1870s. During this presentation we will outline how we looked at old evidence in new ways to discover that the common view of where the mission was located is incorrect.

April Poster

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mima Brown Kapches

Canadians and the Early Years of the SAA: The Society for American Archaeology (1934-1941)

In December of 1934, the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) was founded. Although there were no Canadian charter members there was one Canadian researcher who was a member of the preparatory founding committee (Diamond Jenness, Dominion Museum, Ottawa). Soon after founding, Canadians from across the country did become members; who were these men (and yes, women!), and how do they fit into the history of Canadian Archaeology? Come and hear this talk about a little known period of archaeological history.

May Poster

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rhiannon Fisher, M.Sc., RPA, Archaeologist, Golder Associates

Carla Parslow, Ph.D., Senior Archaeologist, Golder Associates

The Unexpected Finds at AhHa-317, a Late Woodland Habitation Site in Hamilton, Ontario

AhHa-317 has been interpreted as a cabin site or special use site with a Late Woodland Attawandaron (Neutral) Iroquoian affiliation. Preliminary analysis of the pre-colonial Indigenous assemblage revealed a large amount of chipping detritus, projectile points and other lithic tools indicative of hunting activities related to food acquisition. Pottery, including decorated pieces, dated the assemblage to c. 1400-1600. While this artifact assemblage is typical of Woodland sites in the area, the significant number of artifacts related to fishing, such as a bone harpoon, netsinker, and fish scales, is distinctive. A phallic stone, possibly an effigy used as a pestle, is an exceptional find. This talk explores the frequency and relationship of fishing instruments to other artifacts found on Late Woodland sites within the region, including sites of the Grand River Valley. This talk also explores possible uses for the phallic effigy recovered during excavation.

October Poster

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