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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dr. Steven Dorland, Ph.D, University of Toronto and Daniel Ionico, M.Sc., McMaster University

Hey Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!: A Communities of Practice Approach to Ceramic Traditions in the Lower Great Lakes

When archaeologists think of Iroquoian pottery production, focus most often lies with adults and skilled practioners. But what about the children? Did their experiences mirror older members in potting communities, or were they involved in unique ways of learning and engaging with material things? In this paper, we apply communities of practice approach to investigate childhood learning related to decorative practices from the 10th to 17th century. Our results indicate children maintained regionally similar decorative traditions for at least 600 years that were influenced, but not determined, by broader decorative traditions practiced in the community. Our findings suggest that children did not learn from teacher-like persons, rather learning took place in child groups through peer-to-peer learning. Through this research, we demonstrate the importance of considering children as primary actors in the past. We also demonstrate the opportunities that arise from analyzing grey literature and working with Sustainable Archaeology and their institutions in Hamilton and London.

February Poster

Wednesday, March 18, 2020



Wednesday, April 15, 2020



Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dr. Carl Benn, Department of History, Ryerson University

Rebuilding London Churches after the Fire and after the Blitz

The Great Fire of the 1660s and the German Blitz of the 1940s destroyed large numbers of churches in London, England. In this illustrated lecture, we will explore how people responded to those terrible disasters in rebuilding their houses of worship, consider the meanings of their decisions, and examine some of the related cultural resource management issues.

May Poster

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The Executive Committee (President, VP/Program Convenor, Treasurer, and Secretary) is elected each year by the membership of the Toronto Chapter. Elections (if any) take place at the January meeting and those elected serve for the calendar year.

In the last few years we have not had more than one candidate for each position and therefore the Executive Committee members were returned by acclamation.

If any members step forward (to stand for election) between now and January 15, we will have an election.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Chapter Executive in any capacity but don't want to run for election, we will gratefully accept your help! For example, we haven't had a social convenor in ages. Social convenor looks after providing coffee, tea, cookies, Tim Bits, milk, sugar, etc., for the meetings (the OAS pays for the supplies). If interested, please contact Carole or speak to one of the executive at the next meeting.

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